At Kain & Ball we are family law experts. Our firm was founded over 20 years ago and we have grown to become a leader in the field of family law. Family law continues to be our primary focus today. Our Oakville team consists of highly skilled lawyers who are dedicated to providing our clients with the best representation and advice.

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“I am so flooded with gratitude, not for the outcome (and not for the knowledge I have earned about the legal system… which I hope to never need to use again), but for the process we took to get there, that I could write a novel attempting to express my gratitude… but the words would undoubtedly get redundant.”

Smart Options for a Divorce

Divorce can be painful and complicated. However, the level of conflict is ultimately in the hands of the parties involved. If both parties are willing to work together, to constructively resolve the issues between them, there are many options within family law to minimize conflict and come to an amicable resolution. When you are interviewing divorce lawyers in Oakville you should remember that they ought to educate you about the different divorce process options that are available to you. You may save yourself a lot of pain and stress by opting for one of the following options:

Child Support

It is common for parents involved in a family law dispute to be anxious about any uncertainty related to their children. At a time when so many things are changing, and there seems to be so much ambiguity about the future and what it holds, it often gives parents some comfort knowing that there is a degree of certainty in family law with respect to the financial support of children.

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Spousal Support

Starting the separation process often raises financial concerns for both parties. A central apprehension of both spouses is often whether or not spousal support is going to be an issue. Whether you are seeking financial support from your former spouse or your former spouse is seeking support from you, it is absolutely essential you have an experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable.

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Interjurisdictional Custody and Access Disputes and Mobility Issues

Interjurisdictional custody and access disputes, and mobility issues involve family law cases which cross provincial and international borders. Because we live in a global market, it is not unusual for people and families to move to different areas of the country, as well as internationally.

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Free Consultation Family Law Lawyers Oakville

At Kain & Ball, we understand that at the beginning of every successful working relationship is a great first impression. Your first meeting with us is an opportunity for you to get to know one of our divorce lawyers, and to potentially begin a working relationship with us. We also understand how important it is for you to have all the information you need when selecting a lawyer, without worrying about costs or obligations before you make this important decision; that’s why at Kain & Ball, the first initial consultation is free of charge.
During this meeting you can feel free to ask any questions you wish to help you understand our processes and philosophy better to see whether we are the right firm for you. You should also expect to be answering some questions with regard to your situation in order to help us understand your needs and determine whether we can meet them. Our client centered approach demands that we provide you with a clear description of our services and fees in writing. You should also be aware that this initial consultation does not constitute legal advice as we are unable to provide advice without having been retained and obtaining all of the relevant documents and information.

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